For an excellent airport taxi service in Auckland

If you are travelling to the airport, rather than waste money on expensive parking, you can count on Discount Taxis Ltd to get you there in time for your flight safely. Call us or book online and we will offer you an excellent airport taxi in Auckland today.

  • Car - $35 from Auckland CBD to Airport (cash price)
  • Van - $45 from Auckland CBD to Airport (cash price)

Customer service

Being a people business, our drivers are all well versed in the importance of consistently displaying the very best in customer service at all times. We always greet you with a smile and ask how your day is going. We aim to make your trip a comfortable one and want you to be feel safe and relaxed whenever you call us for our services in Auckland.


Safely is very important to the team at Discount Taxis Ltd. As well as providing you with an excellent airport taxi rate, we want all our customers to be as safe as possible during each journey. We ensure safety by providing mandatory driver safety training which needs to be regularly updated to make sure all of our drivers are up to scratch at all times.

Woman hailing an airport taxi in Auckland